A key element of Veritas Consulting’s investor relations program is to ensure executive management’s preparation and ability to effectively communicate compliantly. This enables a seamless delivery of the company’s value proposition and a command of the language of Wall Street.

  • Evaluate and refine management’s corporate presentations, earnings calls and roadshows through practice sessions and Q&A. For key events and announcements, Veritas can create a list of detailed FAQ’s that investors may ask, and ensures the responses are complete, focused and consistent.
  • Provide valuable capital markets consulting and analysis which helps clients fully capitalize on key business and market opportunities, while avoiding pitfalls. Veritas staff counsels and educates senior management on the life cycle of the financial markets and most importantly how their company is impacted directly and indirectly by different macro and micro-economic variables. The team at Veritas leverages its collective expertise gained on Wall Street, in addition to representing over hundreds of public companies, to ensure clients understand how to manage expectations, evaluate key valuation metrics and investment methodologies utilized by investment professionals, and why perception and corporate image are so important.
  • We keep our clients up-to-date on the state of market and offer recommended communication and action items through regular conversation and an ongoing series of memos.
  • Veritas plays a key role in introducing management to and interviewing applicable investment banking partners to facilitate potential capital raises. Providing insight into proper deal structure and capital structure preservation is paramount to ensuring management’s success in the public markets.