About Us

Veritas Consulting Group was formed to provide undervalued public companies true access to institutions, hedge funds, retail brokerage firms, independent portfolio managers, analyst and obviously accredited investors.

In the end it’s all about relationships that are built and the reputation that builds the base you need for further growth.

With the ever-changing scope of Wall Street; our consulting firm draws from our various backgrounds to navigate through these regulations by putting our clients first, leading with exceptional ideas while setting strategic goals for the future.

Our Services

Full Service Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

The most common goals of our investor relations programs are to improve awareness among target audiences – primarily within the retail community of investors – and to improve liquidity in the trading of our clients’ securities. Long-term account retention has been a hallmark of Veritas, and client additions have been primarily secured as a result of client referrals or recommendations from investment banks, institutional portfolio managers, sell-side analysts and other professional associates. We believe that the quality, scope and value of the services we provide our clients is reflected by the fact that our primary sources of new business opportunities are our clients and industry associates.

Our services include:
  • Targeted Investor and Broker Telephone Outreach
  • Business Structure Advisory and Consulting Services
  • Complete Investor Package Collateral Creation
  • Roadshow and Presentation Facilitation
  • Conference Navigation
  • Annual Shareholder Meeting Support
  • Conference Call Scripting and Strategic Management
  • Media Outreach and Placements
  • Press Release Writing


Working with account managers and our team of investor relations professionals, we create a customized message which articulates each client’s story in a clear, concise, and consistent format.


Press Releases

  • Quarterly and Year End Earnings
  • Material releases such as acquisitions, new products, new management addition, and key business updates
  • Non-material releases such as conference and earnings announcements

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Corporate and Earnings
  • Roadshows and Conferences
  • Special Events, including Shareholder Meetings

Social Philanthropy

We believe the universe reward those that give.

Some companies talk and some companies are proactive. Veritas Consulting Group does both.

Our Team

Ron McIntyre


Robert Koch

Global Head of Business Development

Heather Joy Koch

Director, Secretary, and Treasurer

Steven Goldberg

Senior Partner

Ron McIntyre


Dave Mehalick


Robert Koch

Global Head of Business Development

In the end it’s all about relationships that are built and the reputation that builds the base you need for further growth.

We Deliver Custom Investing Strategies